May 8, 2006 19:11 | Political

It starts at the edges...

Excuse me but what the fuck is Canada doing deporting Costa Ricans seeking to live in Canada? Why are we rejecting refugee claims *at all*, and then throwing entire families into jail to await deportation?

I have zero tolerance for protectionism and conservatism. Zero.

When's the next election? Can we bootstrap that like we did the last one? I promise I'll be around for it this time...

The family came to Canada as visitors in 2001 and filed a refugee claim, which was rejected.

I can't understand how one human with a red pen / rubber stamp can have so much control over the life of another. Maybe if the person reviewing the claim was having a better day, they'd be allowed to stay.

don't say i didn't warn you, boris! AND this is just a minority. wait till they lull everyone asleep and get a majority!

Somebody told me once that if I don't vote, I've got no business complaining about the government.

So, now, I'm first in line to drop a ballot because I've got some serious complaining to do. Couldn't believe Harper got voted in. He's an Albertan! That's a flaming red flag as far as anyone should be concerned.

If you'd ever been to any small town in the Prairies (or even Northern Ontario), you would know that anti-immigration (and this includes pro-aryan tendencies) and pro-war views were fed to newborns instead of breast milk.