November 7, 2006 18:46 | Montreal

Municipal silliness

Seems our local municipal "government" is high on something.

Nevermind the fact that they are driving landowners to pave over small parks because the local police can't handle a couple of drunk teenagers, now they are fining a mother of 13 (!!) for selling flowers outside her dépanneur (ergh, that's québecois for "convenience store or konbini ;). Local residents are of course outraged. She's been out there for 15 years and now you wanna extract $6000 from her children's mouthes for "security and maintenance concerns"?

Please, Mr. Michel Tangeay and Ms. Helen Fotopulos, that's insulting to the community... the community you supposedly represent.

Petition time!!!

Considering how well the "No to renaming Parc Avenue "Bourrassa"" one went... well...


And calling him "Tangeay" is insulting to me! It's Gérald Tremblay.

Hé ho téton! Lis l'article!! ;)

However, Michel Tangeay, the mayor’s spokesperson for the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, argued against Germano’s proposed bylaw, citing security and practical concerns.

“For a blind person, it could be dangerous to walk with those flowers in the way…. Secondly, you could have trouble with maintenance [of the sidewalks].”

you know, I can't even count the number of times I've seen blind people all caught up in those flowers, one fellow got stuck in the geraniums last summer and they didn't find him till NOVEMBER... He survived by eating spider mites off of ivy, and drinking rain water. so go ahead, make light of it, but those flowers are a goddam menace.

Criss, I looked and I didn't see it!

Ben là, caaallisse... ;)
hehehehe :)

Christ! that is ridiculous that she should be fined, sheºs practically an icon in Mile End. Havenºt forgotten the time she ran out to give myself and my sons in their stroller apples. Sheºs given me advice on love numerous times, love her.