November 16, 2006 12:39 | WebTech

More IMD aggregation fun

Yesterday's achievement for IMD was a bit more straight forward: put a Flickr badge of the department's group photo pool on the homepage.

Can you tell I did it? ;) To be honest the hardest part was the calculations for the styling: how many thumbnails at what size with a right margin of 1 pixel can I fit on the top row, ditto for the second, while maintaining the grid? View source for some hints...

This was really basic and simple but I had never played with the API before so it was a fun learning experience. If you need to do anything with the Flickr API and are doing it in PHP4, phpFlickr makes it easy (even if the documentation is essentially non-existent... poke around in the Class itself to find some goodies.)

Next up... :p