December 1, 2006 14:18 | Technology

Cheaper behavior

Calling my mobile carrier just now to modify my services brought to the forefront some interesting considerations.

My main purpose was to disable call messaging (voice mail): I haven't checked my voice mailbox, I am not exaggerating, in a year. Further more, hearing my phone ring and then hearing the SMS notification that someone has left me a voicemail message is the single most annoying thing in my life at the moment.

So I put aside procrastination and called in to cancel that service outright. Feels good to finally scratch an itch. ;)

Anyway, I ask to have my services listed. Voice Mail and Caller ID at $9/mth and Internet at $20/mth.

Internet? Are you kidding me? On your shitty slow GPRS? I've got WiFi on this thing!

Five minutes later I am left with the carrier's most basic voice service package and Caller ID (am I the call screener from hell, an under-appreciated trait acquired from an ex-gf).

Moral of the story:
As the variety and usefulness of access to various communication interfaces (cell frequencies & protocols [such as GSM 850/900/1800/1900, 3G W-CDMA, 4G etc], "computer networking" frequencies and protocols [WiFi, WiMax, etc], personal area networking frequencies & protocols [BlueTooth, UWB]) my mobile device can handle increases, my need for a "POTS" "cellphone service provider" dwindles.

Duh. Lots of people have been talking about this for a while now... but until you actually experience it...

Also, cheaper is misleading: the handset cost a small fortune. ;)


hi. sorry i put this in your comments but your contact link sent me to a 404 page. i'm really interested in your ggalaxy and was wondering if you would be will to have a dialog with me on how you put it together. email with any info you're willing to part with. thanks in advance for your time.

i just got the latest all-singing PDA handset from T-Mobile. they actually had the manufacturer rip out the WiFi capabilities for the UK version. coincidentally they will sell me unlimited GPRS for £7.50/month. and according to their T&Cs, "unlimited" means "no audio/video streaming or download services".

Quick question if I may: how is the N80 working out for you as an all purpose/swiss army knife sort of phone? I am particularly interested in photo/music playing capabilities but do not want to spring for it until I am sure that it is not another RAZOR.