April 9, 2007 15:11 | URLs / WebBlogging


Global Voices Online

After months of work, we finally launched the Global Voices Online redesign. This is just the beginning of many many more awesome things to come.

Many thanks to all who helped! and congrats to the whole GV community.


Well done, man! Lord knows you spent a lot of hours on it.

fabulous! The maps make a huge difference and the drop down navigation is a wonderful UI.

The page size seems a bit bigger than before (more than 500k). Would it make sense to compress the javascript that you are using?

Great work!

thnx Adriaan. :)

Chris, thanks as well. The page size itself varies on the content itself of course, and we've got all kinds of caching going on... the CSS and JS should be cached in your browser after your first visit. Totally agree though that the JS needs to be trimmed. We'll likely be redoing the HUD in jquery or something smaller.

Far from rushed, but this design needed to be out now. Lots of tweeaking yet to be done. We work on it full time almost. ;)