May 12, 2007 16:28 | Political

How Sarkozy won

With apologies to all my french friends. ;)

French version of "Who wants to be a millionaire".
What gravitates around Earth? a) the moon b) the sun c) Mars d) Venus
He goes to the pubic vote, which comes back 42% the moon and 56% for the sun!
Now, either they are stupid, or they are real jerks who really want to see this guy humiliated thoroughly. ;)

How no one in the audience flipped out, I don't know.


vocabulary. The sad thing about this is not really the answer, but why… My guess is people do not know what "graviter" means. For me it is obvious it is not even a question, but it's part of my built-in knowledge (as an astrophysicists.)

And if we want to be really naughty or kind of anal. People who answered that the Sun was gravitating around earth are *right* too. Right in a wrong way. They answered right but not knowing why.

Orbits in space are ellipsis. The foyer of the orbit is between the two center of gravity of the bodies. So every objects which are in couple are "dancing" rotating around each other, the foyer exactly.
In the case of the couple sun-earth, this foyer is inside the sun body, but not exactly in the center because of its mass. So it can be mostly ignored.


* the game is stupid
* the question is ill-formed
* people don't know their vocabulary
* and the candidate… well… what is he doing here in the first place?

For the French election, it is worse than stupidity. It is the belief that « well you know a big slap in the face of this children can't be all that bad. » Scary.