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Tempeh burger plate
Le Petit Conti
no more baby numnums
breakfasts of/with champions
Hamachi kama
Bread on Spring
Magret de canard
somen, shiitake and greens
Meisen Tonkatsu sandwich unboxing
Sunday Roast beef
my kryptonite
allonge & pain au chocolat
Dimsum for one
mexican salad
oooso bucco
Fusion improvised
hire tonkatsu taishoku
Hu Tieu Ga and... Sumfin
one pho the road
working dinner
turducken! For cats!
bhaji and oysters
more jenga poutine
pho tai nam gau
words cannot...
un laksa, Karl?
Jenga poutine
Aaron, I think you forgot something...
fish 'n chips. Quebec style
dim sum for one
por Esteban
best breakfast in a long time
pho tai nam gau
special delivery
cafe au lait
the tuna tartar in question
Gesiers de canard
tomorrow's lunch
mixta du chef
Sauteed pork and pasta
Swedish dinner
Gonna be a long night
Changed my mind
Frozen Taiyaki
farewell lunch
the last bit
Two for me
simple good
tonkatsu obentn
The more you know...
No breakfast before 7
Maple Latte
Oops I did it again
Tacos de Pollo
Fajitas de Pollo
Dim Sum aftermath
Hand-made ravioli
Ebi tempura soba
Tempura set-o
Yes, tongue
Tempura Udon
Space Invader Wine
Cleaning up
Kaiten Zushi
More Tonkatsu
4 a meeting of friends
Hold on to your arteries
Turkey dinner
Saucisse a bouillir
Cheese Ravioli
Mochi mochi!!
So much rice...
Peking Duck
Grease and sugar
I'm just a Pho 4 U
Shrimp Pad Thai
Roast Pork
Toast Burger
Spicey Korean
Poutine Galvaude
Green onions
Sake Onigiri
Yakitori and Shochu
Leek & potatoes
Fresh edamame
Pho Tai Sate
middle eastern sweets
we are not responsible
saigon pork
you scream, i scream...
pocari sweat
dinner w/ karl
lunch & dinner
the tapioca incident
0.99$ pizza
thai dinner
Kobe Beef Sushi
Rib Style Tuna
Kaiten Sushi
Tonkatsu in Akihabara
Soba & Tempura
Midnight Yakitori
Fresh sashimi lunch
Ramen Lunch
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