February 9, 2003 15:14 | OneLiners


There's plenty of shit to be pissed off at in the world.
But if you fear it as well, you'll never change it.


You know, B., I sometimes think that maybe somewhere underneath your Zen trappings you are harboring a hopeful anarchist. Or maybe not. Perhaps you and I should join forces over mugs of layman's beer as we plough through Das Kapital. That'll definitely erase my fears. But, to be sure, nothing would change: I'd still be broke.

2- Boris Anthony

N! You know full well I am a total anarchist! One who loves structure and order, but only the kind one builds after totally tearing down the constructs of the old!

But that includes such nonsense as Marx... and Sartre for that matter. ;)

Hehehehe. Woooo! Bring me a beer!

Sartre! Who said anything about Sartre? The man's writing, as well as his completely erronious onanismic philosophy, can be summarized in two words: bad faith. What's more, he entertained illicit desires for his rival Camus. And that, Boris, would make for very uncomfortable beer talk. Marx nonsense? Indeed. But I can't help but shamefully agreeing with his suggestion that we, as citizens who brandish bank accounts, are, simply put, closeted accountants. Mental note: after my first beer on home turf, run out into a crowded street and yell "Aux armes, citoyens!" Or perhaps just stay put and watch you shake your head in disbelief. ;)

4- Boris Anthony

Who cares if Sartre was eyeing Camus' ass?
I hate to say it my friend, but it is a closeted accountant who affords you the clothes on your back, the (little) food in your tummy and the luxury to pursue a higher education. Meanwhile here I am "slaving" (ahem) away in order to keep a roof over my head and food on my table.

Apply some Darwin to your Marx. Oh wait, the 20th century did that for us. It doesn't work. Hopefully, the 21st will prove that American style "Democracy" and all the ills of an utterly unchecked free-market economy don't work so well either.

"Aux armes citoyens" indeed. I'm with you all the way actually. But it takes preparation and backing. ;)

Hm. While certainly agreeing with you that I, an amateur accountant, do, as you put it, "afford the clothes on my back, the little food in [my] tummy, and the luxury to pursue a higher education," I don't quite understand where Darwin comes in nor how Marx has marked the 20th. I'm neither concerned with how close we are at once again becoming monkeys, nor do I care what America does with its freeloading, self-reliant, laissez-faire economic tomfoolery. Slaving away, indeed, B. We're in the same boat--excuse the opportune pun.

6- Boris Anthony

Darwin = survival of the fitest.
Marx + 20th century = communism
(survival of the fitest + communism) / 20th century = failure

Politics is a fascinating long term science experiment conducted on the scale of millions of little worker ants. Erm... humans I mean.