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What do you call it when

This morning, out of the blue, old buddy Michel IMs me this:

i had a friend who had a cool idea for something that'd be kinda like friendster, but for books, music and dvds and stuff.

so basically a group of friends library. where you have your people on your list that are allowed to borrow. and you have your list of books, etc... and the system would let you know who has what, and what's available from your friends.

Not an hour later, a new buddy, who shall remain nameless, mentions he is consulting a also nameless company to build a "social network" tool that would show "people who friended XXX also bought YYY"...

And now, I stumble across a post by also new buddy Jyri Engström where he makes this prediction.

(And he uses the term Kula... Hmmmm...)


About a year ago I had a vision of the worldwide hurricane of garbage and doodads created by entities such as EBay, whereby literally hundreds of thousands of items were flying around in FedEx and UPS parcels all around the world everyday, at any given moment. A veritable typhoon of physical object exchange, encircling the globe...


There's already www.mediachest.com and before that (by like a year, but never advertised) there was books.burri.to

I like this term Kula. A google search on "kula means" turned up these:

Kula means something like "spiritual family."
“kula” means school, or to study
word KULA means plain, field, open country, pasture.
Kula means gold in Hawaiian
Kula means community of the heart in Sanskrit.

The only problem with this is some people's habits (i.e. mine). I know I'm not alone in this, but I like to have things. In fact, to such a neurotic point that lending things to people makes me nervous since i then have to remember who i lent things to. Which then leads to the bane of my existence, lists.

Then again, I'm sure there are lots of people out there who would go for it, I just have too many memories as a child being hoodwinked out of my coolest stuff for a long term trade because my cousin was a fiercer negotiator than me!

But I'm fierce now! Rar!

Sounds a bit like reviewr.com will become.

Sounds a bit like reviewr.com will become.

Sounds a bit like reviewr.com could become.