February 25, 2004 19:06 | Bits / MacStuff / Technology

Busy busy

Virtual Desktop

I use the excellent Codetek VirtualDesktop Pro. Without it I think I'd have gone totally insane ages ago.

Some days, however, I think it contributes to my encroaching insanity. Nobody should have this many apps and windows open at one time.

(To clarify: each "desktop" I use for a different task/project. What invariably happens, since much of my work is "real time", I end up waiting for feedback, or I get interrupted from one task to work on another et voila! Ten workspaces open at once... Tasks include actual work, blog entry writing, email & IM, research & reading, etc... )

It is seven PM and I need to "close" each one of these open tasks tonight. Whoohooo! Someone come and take me away, heeheehoohoohaahaaaa...


Hm, all it shows is you browse the net and chat way too often ;)

Hehe busted!

No, Ado, you forget: I work in "webpages" and "websites"...


Hmmm... ecto was minimized when I took this screenshot... ;)