May 12, 2004 15:32 | WebTech

Evil genius

[this is aaronland] proof of concept : what's on first?

Mad scientist Aaron polls the New York Times for metadata keywords, matches them to "tags", crosschecks those against image "tags"... RDFs it all and spits out a nifty SVG graph.

So... um... how do we make this.. um.. useful?

Perhaps an Etherpeg-style UI?


Well, one possibility would be to create a bookmarklet that :

* gets the URL for the current page

* polls for corresponding tags and then flickr for images expecting, in return, something RDF or XML -ish

* uses the browser's DOM to squirt in the necessary HTML to display thumbnail images (with magic CSS hover: resizing) -- say, floating along the right-hand side of the page

* redraws the page

Careful readers will note that you could also do something similar with other services, like technorati...

Evil!! EEEeeeviiiil!!!