May 15, 2004 00:48 | Culture

Sneaker pimps, showin' stripes

shoeboyThe retro sneaker craze is getting to me. For some reason, I love it.

I'd have to say I'm partial to Adidas myself. The solid teutonic three stripes. Puma never appealed to me, probably because of the brotherly strife (1920 & 1948) that begat it.

But now, oh my, Asics have exploded onto the scene. The Onitsuka Tiger stripes are just... so... damn... cool. I SO should have grabbed that pair I saw in Shinjuku. Sigh.

Seeing this Steve McQueen super-detailed action figure in Akihabara didn't help my condition.

Sigh. McQueen is SO cool.


I agree about the Adidas (but also like some Pumas) and got these a couple of weeks ago, only with yellow stripes and 60$ CA instead of 70$ US :)

Oups, I thought the url was going to auto link, sorry about that.

MIZUNO - Wave Precision... Not too common but I love it.

Mizuno Canada