August 10, 2004 16:33 | Culture / Social / Technology

"Surroundings Defend System"


The weapon against boring and weary surroundings

With seamless vision diminishers, adjustable safetybelt, 40 Watt stereo speaker installation and standard compliant 3.5 mmm jack-plug for fully compatible audio-experience, you can totally shut yourself off from the surrounding world and it's annoying inhabitants!

Yes, well, clever but... most people walk around completely oblivious to their environment as it is. No surrounding is "boring and weary" when your senses are fully engaged and you are actually processing the data they are feeding you.

Someone wearing this must be quite boring and weary themselves... not to mention obtusely jaded and cynical. ;)

(via near near future)


Necessity is the mother of invention. I don't see a *need* for this. In fact, this actually looks like a detriment to society.

Not that I believe that enough of our populace would buy these but imagine a world filled with people walking down the streets bumping into each other, walking into lamp poles, no peripheral vision whatsoever... I mean holy shit! Blind folks would look like they had more direction sense.

Personally, an iPod is the extent of my *need* to get away. I play my music and drown out the traffic noises, and blot out the sounds of idiots. Sure, I still see them but somehow the world seems so much nicer with an appropriate soundtrack.