September 1, 2004 20:29 | Confession / WebBlogging / WebTech

Pre Announcement

So I am running late on this little "thing I wanna do" so I am going to make a quick pre-announcement here right now.

Basically I am starting a small "Weblog Services" business. (who saw that coming?!) I will be offering a full spectrum (oooo marketing!) of weblogging-related services, such as setups, upgrades, customizations, design, migrations, hosting, maintenance, etc.

Now, as you may know, Six Apart just released MovableType 3.1, as well as the PluginsPack which contains the equally much awaited MT-Blacklist 2.0. These upgrades are really great, with loads of new features. With new features comes new technical challenges though. Now, no it isn't rocket science, but it can be a bit daunting for the non-tech inclined amongst us. Luckily, folks like myself have the know-how to help out!

Wheeee! ;)

Here's the deal:
I will upgrade your installation of MovableType, install MT-Blacklist, configure both with options that make sense for you, and throw in a special template or two here, a configuration tweak there... (sorry, hafta be vague here for now, but I can say, some stuff which makes dealing with Comment Spam a little easier).

Get in touch if you are interested! Seeing as this is a pre-announcement, I'll be offering this at a "special rate" (until i can get my act together and offer a full services and price list!).


Count me in!

whoohoo! Thanks Gen! :)

and me - any news on the whole conversion thing Bo?


Can I hire you to help spiff up my photoblog?
And I also want to use my domain name which I have registered but never actually done anything with...

drop me an email!


I'd been considering redesigning Mtl City for its 3rd anniversary (!!) this fall. An obvious move would be from Blogger to MT, making room for photos as a parallel feature being a priority. However, I'm not 1337 enough to do this unaided, so...

no wonder your buddies have suggesting changes to the look of mine...of course, i counter with "why would i want to do that?"