April 14, 2005 16:45 | Confession / URLs / WebTech

I'm flying!

Whenever I imagine I can fly, I immediately think "Ok, so, where do i go? How do I get there?" I imagine myself bopping up and down, "zooming in" and "zooming out" until I find where I wanna be.

A lot like using Google Maps in satellite view. Only, Google Maps allows me to search for stuff too, aiding me in finding specific things... like... tourist style site seeing spots.

Explanation: the above link is to a listing of Del.icio.us'ed Google Map satellite views of a couple of "neat sites". Try Niagara Falls or Statue of Liberty. Or the BigO...



That's pretty cool! I had just thought the other day that the Olympic Stadium looked pretty cool on there. :)

I have added a few astronomical sites to your list. Many are still on low definition images unfortunately. I wish the maps of Chile were available.