May 11, 2005 18:07 | Social / WebTech

Google aquires Dodgeball

"On May 11th was acquired by Google!"

The people at Google think like us. They looked at us in a "You're two guys doing some pretty cool stuff, why not let us help you out and let's see what you can do with it" type of way. We liked that. Plus, Alex and I are both Google superfans and the people we've met so far are smart, cool and excited about what they're working on.

Congrats to them I suppose... but I must say... if I read one more "and the folks at [insert new multibillion dollar multinational parent corporation] are really cool and really really like us and we really really like them" letter, I'll heave hoooo!


Ditto. These start-ups are starting to seem more like expensive, extended, risky job interviews for working at a BigCo. :/