May 13, 2005 15:13 | WebTech

Backpack is the new Flickr

For the last 6 months it's been "Flickr this" and "Flickr that", "like Flickr does it!", "we want it more like Flickr..."
Don't get me wrong, I do so very very much love Flickr. Really. I'm just saying Backpack will be getting the top-level buzz shortly, and for the next few months.


You mean I can store all my stuff, not just photos? Yup.
You mean I have more control of who I share with and who sees what? Yup.
You mean it has tags, and snazzy Ajax-based UI twiddles? Yup.
You mean I can relate one bit to others? Yup.
You mean it's basically a wiki with a handful of preset data types? Yup.
You mean I can email content to any part of my backpacks? Yup.

[playing with it as I write this...]


Again, to be clear, Backpack does not equal Flickr replacement. Two TOTALLY different things. Just saying Backpack is the new "Insanely Great" web-app on the block.

And it is quite breathtaking an achievement. Bravo.


Indeed nothing to do with Flickr except for the slick design and good usability.

I'm giving it a try to group notes about a summer trip and will see how it goes. :) Thanks for the info!