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Wherein all things can be likened to kung-fu movie story lines / ancient chinese philosophy.

The Wu Wa Wei Clan are warrior monks who live, study and train in a temple over on the mountainside. One of the nearby villages - San Fan Se Cho - has an active commercial environment with many many business minded individuals. Most of them are perfectly happy and fulfilled going about their business with very basic fu skills and knowledge.

As can be expected, there are among them some individuals who feel their fu is superior to that of the Wu Wa Wei monks; that the knowledge of an individual in a granary, unfettered by thus-percieved stodgy dogma and forged in so-called "real-world environments" is far superior than that of the combined gaze of many, over many generations, pondering on a single grain of rice: where it comes from, how it is cultivated, why it is important, how best to store it and distribute it, etc...

Courageous individuals, such as Wi Ne, Che Lik, Roo Bee and Ping Ge, often cross paths with the monks. But differences of personality and opinion always make for tense encounters.

The monks, however, just smile, for they see the rice and the granary, the field and the workers, the bowls and the hungry. They know that sooner or later, the village will figure it out. And the village should know that they can always, always count on the monks to give a few words of advice.

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(I could have made this far more profound, if not obscure, but hell I'm busy too...)


The aim of wu wei is to achieve a state of perfect equilibrium, or alignment with the Tao, and, as a result, obtain an irresistible form of "soft and invisible" power.
-- Wu wei (wikipedia)

The aim of Wu Wa Wei is to distribute porn.

Same thing. Kind of.