August 22, 2005 00:44 | Culture

You know they're on crack when...

I just got a "letter" from American Express offering me a $20,000 loan. Obviously, it's not because I'm special or anything; it's what they do. However that's not what they'd have you believe of course:

As one of our most financially responsible Cardmembers, you have been preselected...

Excuse me what? Please allow me to laugh out loud. Damn! I WISH I was!! If I'm one of their most financially responsible Cardmembers, they must be RAKING in the interest payments...

Ahem. Oh. They are. ;)
(It's in the trash now)


C'est presque rassurant, en fait.

Cela veut dire qu'ils ne regroupent pas toutes les informations (ton profil) avant de t'envoyer un spam.

Plutot, bien le contraire. Ils voyent que j'ai une enorme dette distribué mais que je fais quand même mes payments, au moins les minimums pour chaque mois. Pour eux c'est le meilleur client car ils ont un revenu assuré de payments d'interets.

They prey on people who pay every month. With interest. Stick that card in the freezer and leave it there for emergencies. Or your birthday. Whichever comes first ;)