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"Lead Camino developer Mike Pinkerton has announced that he has accepted a position at Google."

Public (and there are more such announcements coming)

  • Micah Dubinko -> Yahoo
    XForms Specification Editor

  • TV Raman IBM -> Google
    Participant of many W3C working groups

  • Flickr Team Ludicorp -> Yahoo
    includes Stewart Butterfield, Caterina Fake, Eric Costello, Cal Henderson, George Oates, John Allspaw, Heather Champ, Aaron Straup Cope, Corey Fake, Serguei Mourachov, Paul Lloyd, Kakul Srivastava, Ana Zavala, Dathan Pattishall

  • Dave Beckett Bristol Univ. -> Yahoo
    RDF / Semantic Web, created of librdf

  • Vinton Cerf MCI, ICann -> Google
    One of the "Fathers of the Internet"! What a catch!

  • Mike Pinkerton AOL -> Google
    Camino/Firefox developer, joins Google's Firefox dev team

"I am leaving King Yao. He is so obsessed with the ideas of benevolence that I am afraid something ridiculous will come of it. In any event, funny or not, this kind of thing eventually ends with people eating each other raw.

"At that moment, there is a great wave of solidarity. The people think they are loved, and they respond with enthusiasm. They are all behind the king because they think he is making them rich. Praise is cheap, and they are all competing for favor. But soon they will have to accept something they do not like and the whole thing will collapse.

"When justice and benevolence are in the air, a few people are really concerned with the good of others, but the majority are aware that this is a good thing, ripe for exploitation. They take advantage of the situation. For them, benevolence and justice are traps to catch birds. Thus benevolence and justice rapidly come to be associated with fraud and hypocrisy. Then everybody doubts. And that is when trouble really begins."

"Flight from benevolence"
Chuang Tzu

Brush up your french and read this page by Karl. Or, hehe, trust the Google translation of it. ;)

Also, an amusing, cheesy, tongue-in-cheek but really quite accurate tale of Google as the 9 billion names of God. (Er, not the sentient part... that's just silly.)


Yahoo! hired Ron Belanger
"""Until recently, Belanger was vice president, search engine marketing at Carat Interactive (now known as Carat Fusion). """

Yahoo! hired Kevin Sites
"""Yahoo has hired veteran TV war correspondent Kevin Sites to report on wars for the site. """

Yahoo! hired Prabhakar Raghavan
"""YAHOO has hired Prabhakar Raghavan, a former IBM executive, to oversee and expand its technology research group."""

Yahoo! hired Elizabeth Osder
"""online journalism pioneer Elizabeth Osder reports to work at Yahoo Media Group today as senior director, social media, reporting to Neil Budde, executive producer of Yahoo News. She'll be responsible for what Yahoo Media VP Scott Moore tells me is one of his top three initiatives."""

Yahoo! hired David Katz
""" Yahoo said that they have hired David Katz to run the spots and enternainment divisions of Yahoo's Media Group. Katz was formely employed by CBS Television Netowork, where he was most recently charged with strategic planning and interactive ventures, claims Yahoo."""

Yahoo! hired Shawn Hardin
"""Yahoo has hired former America Online vice president Shawn Hardin to be vice president of content operations."""

Google hired Shao-Ning Chou
"""Google has hired UTStarcom's China COO as Google's COO for China operations. Mr. Shao-Ning Chou was hired for his familiarity with the Chinese market and will report back to Google headquarters in Mountain View."""

Google hired Kai-Fu Lee
"""Google hired Dr. Kai-Fu Lee from Microsoft to head its China R&D operations."""

Google hired Victor Koo
"""Google has hired Victor Koo, former Sohu COO to head up its CN operations."""

Google hired one hundred former Microsoft software developers
"""Gates is also mad because Google has hired more than one hundred former Microsoft software developers. Prior to the much hyped Google IPO, many thought greed was causing the brain drain. But as the exodus continues, it is clear that Google is just the hot place for young engineers to work."""

Google hired Dan Senor. As well about Dan Senor, read that interesting piece.
"""A former Senior Associate at the Carlyle Group” by the name of Dan Senor. You remember the Carlyle Group right? If not, here it is in a nutshell: A group of former government officials and private industry heavyweights who invest money in companies based on their inside knowledge of government and industry, um, plans."""

Google and Yahoo hired high profiles
"""The article mentions some of the high profile hires, including Adam Bosworth (BEA -> Google), Louis Monier (Altavista & eBay -> Google), Larry Tesler (Apple & Amazon -> Yahoo), Usama Fayyad (Microsoft & Revenue Science -> Yahoo), and Rob Pike (Bell Labs -> Google).

Google hired Bryan Riner. He has worked on XForms.
"""I want to use this opportunity to welcome Brian Ryner to Google! Brian has been one of the most crucial elements to the success of Mozilla software over the past few years, with his work all over the Mozilla code."""

Google hired Ben Goodger
"""Firefox's lead programmer Ben Goodger is joining Google as a software engineer, but will continue to spend half of his time on working with the non-profit and the Firefox project."""

Google hired Larry Tesler
"""Yahoo, meanwhile, has recently hired dozens of top engineers, including Larry Tesler, former vice-president for shopping experience at (AMZN )"""

Yahoo hired Prabhakar Raghavan
"""And the company is expected to announce on July 28 that its new head of research is Prabhakar Raghavan, former chief technology officer at search-software outfit Verity (VRTY ) and an authority on algorithms."""

Google hired Rob Pike
"""Rob Pike is a Principal Engineer at Google, Inc. He works on distributed systems, data mining, programming languages, and software development tools. Before Google, Rob was a member of the Computing Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs, the lab that developed Unix. While there, he worked on computer graphics, user interfaces, languages, concurrent programming, and distributed systems. He was an architect of the Plan 9 and Inferno operating systems and is the co-author with Brian Kernighan of The Unix Programming Environment and The Practice of Programming. Other details of his life appear on line but vary in veracity."""

Yahoo hired Cameron Marlow (from The Media Lab, MIT)
"""Among them I found a gem in the budding research laboratory that is Yahoo! Research Berkeley. """

Yahoo hired Patrick Houston
"Yahoo has hired Patrick Houston, formerly editor in chief at Cnet Networks, to run its technology news site."

Yahoo hired Lloyd Braun
"Yahoo has hired former ABC television executive Lloyd Braun to head its media and entertainment division, the Web portal said Tuesday. Braun, 46, was fired in April from his post as chairman of ABC Entertainment Television Group, a division of Walt Disney."

same Article
Yahoo hired Terry Semel
"Braun joins a number of former entertainment executives at Yahoo--most notably Yahoo Chairman and Chief Executive Terry Semel, who worked previously as co-CEO at media conglomerate Warner Bros."

Yahoo hired Neil Budde
"In November 2004, the company hired Neil Budde, a founding editor of The Wall Street Journal online, as Executive Producer of Yahoo News."

Google hired Andrew McLaughin
"Andrew McLaughlin is Senior Policy Counsel for Google Inc. He is a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Berkman Center, living in New York City. Andrew first joined the Berkman Center in 1998 as an Associate Director and Fellow, studying the Internet's technical administration and self-regulation and on the application of constitutional law doctrines to cyberspace."

Yahoo hired Tim Cadogan - January 2003
"The company said it has hired Overture's vice president of search Tim Cadogan to become its own vice president of search. Cadogan's responsibilities will include overseeing Yahoo's relationship with his former employer, managing product development, and figuring out ways to get revenue from the search business. Cadogan will report to Jeff Weiner, Yahoo's senior vice president of search and marketplace."

Yahoo hired Marco Boerries and his team. - February 2005
"Yahoo has acquired software start-up VerdiSoft and founder-entrepreneur Marco Boerries, the brains behind Sun Microsystems' StarOffice. How old is the news? Yahoo completed the deal in February, but purposely kept it under wraps until today, when Boerries' name surfaced in connection to a new Motorola alliance."

Yahoo hired Danah Boyd - July 2005
"I ended up doing a brief ad-hoc explanation of why i am consulting for the Yahoo! Research Labs-Berkeley"

Google hired Ellen Spertus
"I gathered that Google had enrolled the services of Prof. Ellen Spertus to work on Orkut."

Yahoo hired Chad Dickerson
"As of the end of this week, I hang up my InfoWorld CTO hat and take a little time off before joining Yahoo! Search, working in the new Technology Development Group led by Bradley Horowitz."

Google becomes a registrar.
"With accreditation, Google may be able to better control its own cadre of web addresses, including, with the ability to set its own policies and procedures. It also may command more respect from other registrars, granting it easier access to their data on registrations. That access could give Google a better view of how the internet is growing"

Google getting into online payment systems (à la PayPal) ?

Yahoo hired Usama Fayyad - December 2004
Yahoo, today named Dr. Usama Fayyad as the company's first chief data officer and senior vice president of the Strategic Data Solutions group. Fayyad will be responsible for Yahoo!'s overall data strategy, architecting Yahoo!'s data policies and systems, prioritizing data investments, and managing the Company's data processing infrastructure and analysis."
Found in Privacy and Online Advertising, where we could read also:
"Probably not, because in 2004 Yahoo hired Dr. Usama Fayyad, a data mining pioneer as the company’s first Chief Data Officer and Senior Vice President of the Strategic Data Solutions group. Dr. Fayyad previously co-founded and served as CEO of digiMine Inc. (now Revenue Science) and his professional experience also includes five years spent leading the data mining and exploration group at Microsoft Research and building the data mining products for Microsoft's server division."

Google hired Ian Hickson - October 2005
"Oh and today I started my new job at Google."

I'd like to point out that Mr.Hickson publicly states that he is a believer in "humanitarian eugenics". Revolting.

Some juicy bits of stupidity from that belief system:

Human intelligence is largely hereditary.

At the present time, we are evolving to become less intelligent with each new generation. Why is this happening? Simple: the least-intelligent people are having the most children.

Israel and Japan have higher average IQs than America, Mexico has lower, and the black African nations have the lowest. Interestingly, the very same hierarchy of nations replicates itself in America, both in IQ scores and in socio-economic status. For example, Americans of Japanese ancestry score higher on IQ tests, and are more successful, than average Americans. (The fact that people of Japanese ancestry--both in Japan and in the U.S.--score high neatly disposes of the common objection that IQ tests are "culturally biased" in favor of Caucasians.) Jews, whether in Israel, Russia, or the U.S., score higher than average, and earn more.

They claim pure logic and yet I see no evidence of any at all. I see only evidence of biased interpretation. Extremely disturbing. The text is also rife with classic hallmarks of extreme right, racist fascism.

Google hired Joerg Heilig

"Google's dip into OpenOffice began with its hiring of Joerg Heilig, former director of software engineering at Sun, according to Gary Edwards, a consultant and designated representative of the open source community.

"He was the project manager for StarOffice, a longtime employee of the Star division, and a very important person to StarOffice," Edwards said. "When he left, there were some real tears. Also a great deal of apprehension." "

Yahoo hired whole team of engineers. October 2005
"Yahoo hired from Nuance Communications a whole team of engineers engaged in developing speech-recognition software. Nuance, of Menlo Park, sued Yahoo for unfair competition and theft of trade secrets in the mass hiring, as reported in"

Google hired Mark Lucovsky - March 2005
"Well, Matt Marshall thinks the reason Google hired Mark Lucovsky is all that talk about the "Google OS". But he also was working on web services, and I think that's what they want out of him."

Mark Lucovsky in 2001
"Mark is the Chief Software Architect for .NET My Services. He joined Microsoft in 1988 with Dave Cutler and others to form the Windows NT group. From 11/1988 - 7/2000, Mark was a Lead Architect and Developer designing and building the Windows NT executive, kernel, win32 runtime, and several other key areas of the system. In July 2000, Mark was asked to focus on .NET and design a programming model and architecture for a coherent set .NET Services. The result of this work is the project code-named "HailStorm", and now known as .NET My Services. Mark was recently named a Microsoft Distinguished Engineer in recognition of his contributions to Microsoft."

Yahoo! hired Tom Coates - October 2005 - leaving BBC
"Farewell BBC - and hello Yahoo!
So the second major thing that I should probably let people know is that I'm leaving the BBC to go and work for Bradley Horowitz in the Tech Development Group at Yahoo! (alongside Simon Willison and Jeremy Zawodny among others)."

Google hired a Lobbyist - October 2005
"Google hired its first lobbyist in Washington, D.C., the search engine said Thursday, as the Internet powerhouse seeks a voice in the capitol with the U.S. government increasingly playing a role in shaping online policy."

Google hired Sean Egan - October 2005
"Google hired Sean Egan, main developer of gaim, from the gaim website, seems like Sean is already working with Google for quite some time. Google have its own instanst messenger just like Yahoo and Microsoft, google's IM is very new (and still in bete version), compare to Y!Messenger and MSN, which already available on the IM market for many years. Google's messenger is base on a open protocol--Jabber."

Yahoo! hired Matthew Skrym, who co-founded and after was acquired by Sony worked at Sony in SF and Tokyo.

Yahoo! also hired Jeff Bonforte, who founder/CEO of i-Drive and then President of Sipphone.

Boris, a thought.

It may also be interesting to list the people who we know who have left Y! and G! (i.e. Ev Williams who left G to start, etc.)

Gen, I think that will be my duty, as I'm the main person tracking this. :) I was thinking of an RSS feed too to give a better update to people.

As a side note, Can people leave Google and Yahoo! alive? :p

Aaron Boodman had been working for three months to MSN when he was hired by Google. He hit the geek stardom when he published the GreaseMonkey extension for Mozilla browsers.
Since, he helped hiring some of his fellows, DHTML hackers.

Yahoo! hired Delphine Dispa (aka Mouche) - October 2005
"Donc : je travaille pour Yahoo! Search France et les nombreux projets intéressants me tiennent bien occupée."

Yahoo! purchased and the 9 members of that team.

Yahoo! hired Mark Nottingham - January 2006
"Which is why I’ve accepted an offer from Yahoo! to come and help build a services layer for a bunch of their properties, using HTTP (what some people might call RESTfully)."

Ramanathan V. Guha (MCF, RDF, dmoz) has been working for Google since May 2005.

Google hired Udi Manber - February 2006
Udi Manber to Leave Amazon's A9 For Google.

Rob Hof: "Via a post from John Battelle, I see that Udi Manber has left as CEO of's A9 search operation in Palo Alto to join Google. Amazon just put out the news on the new A9 CEO, David Tennenhouse."

Google hired Jeffrey Veen - February 2006

"It has worked for me; I'm still posting about cycling. I wonder if wearing this is too much for my first day at Google?"

Google hired Bram Moolenaar - April 2006

"Google hired Bram Moolenaar, the guy who created the text editor Vim, according to Google Blogoscoped. "

Google hired Ori Allon - April 2006

Orion: "Google hired the fellow behind a search technology called Orion. (That's the guy, an Israeli-Aussie transplant PhD student named Ori Allon, to the left, as shown in the Sydney Morning Herald"

Yahoo hired Hugo Haas - June 2006

Hugo: "So three weeks ago (already), I joined Yahoo! to work on the way we do Web services (Web services at large, plain HTTP, SOAP, …) there. I’m very excited about this new role and I’m having a lot of fun!"

Yahoo! hired Neil Lee - May 2006
Neil: I have just accepted a position with Yahoo! as an highfalutin Senior User Experience Designer working out of the Canadian office.

Yahoo! hired Leslie ORchard (decafbad) - June 2006
Leslie: "And, why is the 17th of July a significant date, you ask? Well, that’s when I start work at Yahoo! in Santa Clara, of course." (joining the team apparently)

Former Apple engineer, member of the first Macintosh team — see — Andy Hertzfeld is working now for Google.

Google hired Andrew Morton () - August 2006
Key Linux programmer moves to Google: "Andrew Morton, a key deputy to Linux leader Linus Torvalds, has taken a job at search engine powerhouse Google, a major user of Linux and other open-source software. ... Morton is responsible for maintaining the current 2.6 version of the Linux kernel, vetting new patches and working closely with Torvalds. Morton and Torvalds are paid by a consortium, Open Source Development Labs, but Morton actually worked at a company called Digeo Interactive. Now he's moving offices to Google."

Yahoo! hired Ben Jenkins - August 2006
Another Technorati god leaves the company.: "Ben Jenkins handled all CSS and HTML for the blog search company; now he's heading to Yahoo's Flickr team."

Google has hired Mark Pilgrim - March 2007
Two visions: "There are two basic visions of the future of the web, and one of them is wrong. I’m going to work on the right one for a while. At Google. Starting today."

Google has hired Joe Gregorio - August 2007
Roads: "I start at Google at the end of this month."