September 30, 2005 12:41 | Culture / WebTech

My other new blahg!

Yahoo! SiteExplorer

Michal: there's no escape.

.htaccess [1]
robots.txt [2]

sudo apachectl stop [3]

ACL [4]
i don't want to stop talking, I want Them to stop listening ;)

ha, yeah

The popular misconception is that Big Brother is some sort of government consipracy. This is wrong. Big Brother is a commercial enterprise. :)

All your blog belong to us. Keep talking.

Stop da man:
[1] .htaccess: special file used by Apache webserver which allows, amongst other things, to block access to specific resources (like web pages) based on rules.
[2] robots.txt: special text file used by convention to kindly inform respectful search engine "spiders" (a.k.a. robots) to please not index this, that and that.
[3] Command for quitting the Apache webserver process. In other words, turn off the webserver.
[4] ACL: Access Control Lists. 'Nuff said.


robots.txt on La Grange.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /

Important: Many bots (aka technorati and others) don't respect robots.txt

The only way is to block the IP. I will create a file for it this week-end and I will share it.

For pure technical articles which might be useful for the community, I'll put a copy on another Web site, so people can find them.