October 15, 2005 18:23 | Bits / MacStuff

My black iPod nano for sale

Yup. One month old black 4Gig iPod nano. Perfect working condition, all original packaging included. Reasonable offers welcome. (To keep in mind: I paid $300.00 CND + tax, only 4 weeks ago)

I'm gonna hold out for someone local who I can meet up with and have them inspect it. Guess why? (I'm not saying it is unreasonably "seasoned", I am saying some people are sensitive to such things... ;)

Reasons for selling:

  • I have my father's hands. This thing is just too small.
  • I realized I was fooling myself thinking I'd be happy with 4 Gig of music. Must have 60! ;)


Just return it. Use that "B" charm to get your $ back !

You're the second person to suggest this! What planet do y'all live on? ;)

I just figure someone who wants one but doesn't want to shell out full price and doesn't mind not cracking the seal on the shrinkwrap might be interested... :)


Re: i Pod
I am pretty sure you can still return it. Just try it!

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Ed: ha.ha.ha. I am leaving hti scause it's funny. I've removed the URL and email address.

LOL - unless it's all scratched up ;-)

kiddin !

i took mine back within the 28 days (allowed by the store) boris - i hated it too...

did you buy it from a chain store? try the "i only have a titanium powerbook and it doesn't have usb2 - i even asked the assistant if it would work and he said yes..." but don't tell anyone I suggested anything so underhanded... ;)

Did you happen to sell this yet? (I know that this post was ages ago, and that you've probably sold it already... but it's worth a try)

Hi Kate,
Sorry, I decided to keep it in the end. :)