March 31, 2006 21:00 | Culture / Social / WebBlogging / WebTech

Summing it up

My post on "it's not about you" the other day sparked a good thread of debate which culminated in Hugh staking some key points, and Karl responding very clearly and directly, and in my opinion, right on the money, so to speak.

If that's not your thing, here's a picture of me scratching my neck in front of some sakura.




file://localhost/ dude :)

No doubt : you have some dog's genes, no human is able to scratch this way :)

Patrick, sorry about that, having xml-rpc issues...
Hoedic... same answer... hehehe ;)

Aggghhh I just realized I'm the same color as the sakura. I need a beach and some sun NOW. :p

iiiii nah! Sakura no pahti ni ita ka nah! oh sake ippppppppai nonde kudasai! Ume shu ka shochu ga iiiii kamo!

> I just realized I'm the same color as the sakura.

In fact you are blonder than the sakura due to your beard... but this changes nothing to the lack of sun !

Ha! You look great. Hale & hearty.

i'm wondering if your leg was shaking at the same time you were scratching your neck ...