April 16, 2006 07:56 | Culture / Political / WebTech

Don't do evil

Oops, seems in their fervor, the community has forgotten to define *what is evil*.

Last year Google hired the bipartisan lobbying firm Podesta Mattoon, whose lobbyists include Daniel Mattoon, a Republican and longtime friend of House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and Lauren Maddox, a former top aide to Newt Gingrich.

Now it has also brought in the DCI Group, which has strong ties to presidential adviser Karl Rove. Its Senior Vice President Stuart Roy is a former aide to Rep. Tom DeLay, The New York Times reports.

Yes, Google as an entity must do what it must do in order to not only survive but to grow as big and as fast as possible within the frameworks of its socio-economic-political environment.

When nature allows something to grow larger than its environment normally allows, we call it an anomaly, a grotesque freak. We observe it with morbid fascination, and are not surprised when it inevitably collapses and dies.

Conversely, we have the bizarre fascination and compulsion to grow our own systems to such gargantuan proportions, totally warping all sense of reality and sustainability. One day one of these experiments will take us with it when it goes down.

It's happened before you know. Many many times.


Like Mtl3p posted - the california ideology in action!

Sometimes it metastasizes instead of dying - cancer is another biological analogy for things that lose the ability to self-regulate growth.

I see it as an extension of the analogy, or a path to it's end: cancer eventually kills the organism it is growing in.

If you make "nations" "individuals", and inflict "cancers" like "corporate capitalism" and "consumerism" on them... very unhealthy indeed. ;)