July 10, 2006 20:15 | Culture / WebBlogging


The big electronics chain in Canada is British Columbia based "FutureShop", now a division of (american electronics chain) "Best Buy".

The FutureShop website has a promo section up, announcing the arrival of the new Nintendo "Wii" system. Clicking on "order today" we are presented with this choice piece of english:

Check back this page after for updates on upcoming games, purchase date and stock availability.

Release date subject to change by manufacture without notice. Final product might look different than what is illustrated. Final specification is subject to change by manufacture without notice. Please check back for updated information and stay tune for a release date.

What is that? Aside from jarring? ;)


Smells like offshoring.

like patrick said - or maybe bad translation

google translator strikes again. speaking of which I am considering subcontracting my presence in the new office to a small group of offshore albanians, i think they will be cheaper in the end for me than having the actual me show up and set up my desk. plus they can do shift work - going to bars for me, drinking coffee, late night poutines etc. the efficiency gains boggle the mind. i may not ever have to be myself again.

The funny thing is... it sounds like Québecois english to me...

"Chequez la page après pour des updates..."