September 3, 2006 01:16 | Travel / WebTech

Even better...

"Sumaato" have developed a ridiculously slick bookmarklet that uses the Google Maps API to allow even easier Flickr geotagging. A sweet feature made better by using Google's better maps ('specially for Japan ;)

Seriously. Look at this photo of the Torii in the Bay (Miyajima), or the Hotel in Hiroshima that survived the blast, or Daibutsu, the big buddha in Kamakura. I had no idea precisely where I was when I took these photos. Now I do. (the fact that I can find them on satellite photos is a combination of good sense of orientation, memory and patience ;)

Oh and this announcement--"Nokia acquires gate5 to add robust mapping and navigation to its devices"--can't be terrible either.


thanks Boris, this is awsome.

I've been tagging up a storm, but ran into the downside today when i went to tag my favourite abr in Gold Coast and ofund a hole in the ground, the satellite pic was taken before it was built. Oh well, should be up to date soonish I guess, or else peopel are going to think that I drink in a hole in the ground.