September 17, 2006 21:45 | Confession / MacStuff

Work much?

This is what my "Virtual Desktop" pager looks like right now, a more or less busy average Sunday night.


That's 3 separate "jobs" open concurrently AND taking care of a task for someone who just pinged me in IM. Normally there are maybe 2 or 3 more projects open. That gets a bit much though.

This is how I work. It's how I have been doing it for 4-5 years. Sometimes, if I seem distracted...

I'm not saying it's a great thing. It has serious shortcomings and sometimes it drives me nuts. But what can I do? ;)


Article in this week's Wall Street Journal spoke of Multitasking as a myth - a column by Jared Sandberg littered with tales of mis-sent emails, confused contexts on the phone - etc. I have multiple projects going in multiple desktops, but I've been slimming down consciously lately - closing windows or tabs to drill down into one thing.

Of course if I have two computers, I like one to be crunching video while the other is corresponding or playing WoW or something! That's like having a computer minion. Yum!

Which virtual desktop app are you using? I use Desktop Manager and it is a little buggy on my intel mac.

I'm using CodeTek Virtual Desktops. It dun't work on intel Macs. It seems to be the only one that has a doc like this that I can have on screen at all times, showing what's on each desktop. Vital for me. I hope Leopard's Views will allow me to haev this too.