September 24, 2006 22:46 | Technology / WebTech

Use Case Scenarios

It is SO hard for me to write these scenarios without diving into "how I would build this." I keep going over and back over and having to edit out whispered pre-suppositions of "how."
This is where "technological determinism" is bred, in use cases written with the engineering cap on. ;)

Must deactivate the tech-brain. Tell a story dammit.



Get back to work!

Nice screen !

When I have to write specs or use case (more for real world stuff), I suppose that Bender will do it for me and I don't have to take care of how he will do it (probably not the way I would).

I know, it sounds completly stupid but it works... at least for me. And it helps me to concentrate on the what instead of that damned how