February 4, 2007 06:57 | WebTech

Oh dotster...

An old client of mine is finally taking hold of their domain and transferring their registration to another registrar.

I just got the following email from my registrar:

If you are unhappy with Dotster's service please let us know your feelings. We'd like a second chance to get you to stay. If this is not a mistake and you are unhappy withDotster's prices or services please let us know your feelings

No, listen, it's not like that. I still have about a dozen domains with you. This is just a...

We'd like to encourage you to stay by offering you reduced account pricing. If you choose to take advantage of this offer and cancel your transfer, we will permanently reduce your registration, renewal, and transfer pricing. Your new pricing will include $8.95 registrations and renewals along with $7.75 transfer pricing.

... but... ah.. wow, that's 50% of your regular prices... Permanently you say?

/me scratches chin wondering just who the fuck they think they are, ripping off their clients with 100% marked up services when here they are literally begging me to stay... sigh...

Tell you what dotster. I can't cancel this transfer as it's not my domain. But what I WILL do is go set up an account somewhere else, initiate a transfer and see if you send me this offer again so that I can cancel it and get the better rate. I'll make sure to pick an even cheaper competitor, see if your offer is competitor-pricing-aware... ;)

Perhaps you should check your mark's account to see if they are transferring out their entire portfolio or, as in my case, just one old client's reg.


wow, that's quite an offer! it's like the boyfriend going "no, please don't leave me! i swear i'll treat you properly for a change!"