February 24, 2007 04:11 | WebTech

Sing a tune

Half a bill.

Viacom executives are in London negotiating the purchase of LastFM, the London based "online social music network" (read: internet radio station), according to a music business source familiar with the negotiations. The purchase price is said to be $450 million dollars.

"I am in your tunEz, tracking uR listening HabiTz!"

I wonder if I delete my account now, will all my stats be deleted?
I could care less about the Last.fm "community". I want my own listening stats. Time for a hack.



will the hack be shareable?

A hack would require a simple web service and probably an entry in your hosts file that gets the audioscrobbler plugin to report tracks to the server of your choice. Feels like a weekend's worth of work or so. Worthwhile?

Yeah, that makes loads of sense. Was wondering about the audioscrobbling part.

A really simple WS API to a DB, then a basic front end with a basic plugin architecture so people can hack their own stuff (and release it)... and shit why not go whole hog and implement the first distributed social network infrastructure! :D


you know what the sick thing is? I knew this documentation existed (thanks for th elink) but I was totally into spending an afternoon reverse engineering it by intercepting the comm between the client and the mothership. :D