March 4, 2007 10:29 | Bits / WebTech

Alternate use


Not jogging, but a leisurely evening with friends visiting an exhibit and ChinaTown in Yokohama. (Train rides of course not account in distances.)

The iPod frequently "paused" the "workout"--sensing prolonged periods of immobility--hence it's shortness. The trip lasted from 5pm to 10pm.


Does it work if the iPod is off? I want to track walking rather than running, but I can't see an iPod holding out for a whole day.

I'm fairly sure it's the iPod doing the data saving, Chris. The bug just sends data up to it.

I was hoping to do the same but it turns out it seems to pause itself as soon as you stop moving yourelf (train/bus rides, etc). :\

I wonder if an S60 app could be made that taps into the radio antenna (the BT one), tuned to the right frequency and start recording. This means reverse engineering the iPod's software. Would be great though, especially with an N95, collating the GPS data at the same time... could generate maps with pace stats. Sort of like the maps with posting stats Mike and I are making for GVO. (Except you'd be free of the esthetic limitations we have given ourselves and simply plot it all out on a GMap mashup. ;P

The hardware is pretty standard, but not BT unfortunately (it's called Nordic RF - see sparkfun, they have txs and rxs). Hackable, certainly.