December 2004 Archives

Wicked lasers »»

Played with a 5mW green laser last April in Tokyo and it was loads of fun. Now you can get 40-60mW ones, which can burn though plastic film and be seen up to miles away and produce a solid "light saber". Droool.

Phuket tidal wave »»

Gallery of photos of incoming tidal wave, taken from a hotel balcony. Hope the guy in the water managed to grab onto something. :\

Child consumer culture remix art »»

Ai Kijima. Fused, machine quilted. Recycled materials including curtain, pillow case, bed sheets, clothes, apron, handkerchief, tablecloth.

Running robots! »»

Honda's Asimo now runs! Cute AND creepy...

Collaborative sketchbook »»

Kinda neat. I wish I had better a better interface to it than a mouse or tablet.

The New York Review of Books: Passage to China »»

"The development of printing, had a powerful effect on the development of democracy, but even in the short run, it opened new possibilities for public communication and had enormous consequences for social and political life in China. Among other things, education achieved a new level of importance with the rise of learning, marked by the great spread of printing, literacy, and schooling."