February 2005 Archives

Dancin' up a storm »»

The track is "Needy Girl" by Chromeo, the setting is Moog Music in Montreal. The dancer... well... the dancer is on crack... ;) (3.1M MOV)

I've got some blogging to do »»

Funny flash commentary... (thx Pete!)

How to cut »»

French kitchen cutting techniques. (thx Jim)

Valentine's »»

Another Ze Frank video. About the absurdity of "valentine's day". Brilliant.

Spamologue »»

Someone should really help him out... ;)

MyLifeBits »»

Heard about this before of course but Karl just sent me the URL at MS. I would love to know how this has affected the minds of the researchers.

Name voyager »»

Top 1000 names of last 100 years, graphed.

GI Jooooe remixes »»

Jim and I have been laughing over these for the past few days. This one especially.

Sprite keepin' it real in Hong Kong »»

What seems to be three Sprite ad posters from Hong Kong with interesting copy... (translations are under each shot)