November 11, 2002 20:26 | WebTech

XMail or XMbox ?

I'm trying to pull together some of the very knowledgeable resources I have to try to get an XML DTD for mail off the ground...

The currenly widely used "mbox" standard is just screeeaaaming to be put into XML...

Francis? Ludovic? Karl? Anyone? Wanna help? :)


i'm in. let's start thinking about it :)

i'm playing around with web services under jag-wire these days. xml, rpc, soap, all over my screen.

2- Boris Anthony

I love you man. :)

I made a web-based bookmark repository last night but I think I may scrap it in favor for a reworked version of your XBELette...

Also, Karl posted some good reference links for this on his site. (scroll down)