December 22, 2002 19:20 | OneLiners

Brain Eno sez:

"Do you know what I hate about computers? There's not enough Africa in them."


Aint that a matter of time and ore software?
ore would we end up at the sampling the original

2- Boris Anthony

Is that a trick question? Are you baiting me? :)

It's about funk, my friend. About soul. It has to have soul.
I'm not saying (and nor is Eno, as far as I can recon) that electronic music can't have soul, but the fact that a lot is left to the software, many (most?) electronic musicians don't give it that extra "something". Also, it seems to get a bit too cerebral.

example of soulful electronic music: "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock.
example of cerebral music with soul: anything by Johann Sebastian Bach