June 26, 2004 14:33 | MacStuff

iPod replacement battery

My 2nd generation iPod, which I bought back in November 2002, had become essentially unworthy of it's carrying weight. The battery, freshly charged would run out in under two hours. On my last trip to Tokyo I ended up not even using it at all because of this. Why carry this thing around all day if it only works for an hour and half?

So I ordered the newertech 1600mAh 3.7v replacement iPod battery from OWC. At $35USD, it is a deal .. and a half.

I use my iPod mostly in my car. When I got the iPod I also went out and got a special adaptor which plugs into the back of my head unit (radio) so I have a full digital interface between the iPod and my car's sound system. The iPod fits snuggly into the cup holder, in the middle of the center console, above the radio.

For the last 9 months before the battery upgrade, I'd have to recharge the bloody thing every 2nd-3rd day. Now, I've had the new battery in for about two weeks and I've only had to recharge it ... twice. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I plugged it in, and I'm looking at it now and it still has three bars on the indicator!

Awesome. Thank you newertech/owc for giving me back my iPod! :)


told you !!! how i miss my pod !