September 1, 2004 03:28 | MacStuff / WebBlogging

Like they heard my prayers

daikini released "Photon" the other day. Not a week ago I was hunting around and trying various tools that would allow me to easily create photo galleries in Movable Type, in my inimitable picky style. The best I found was daikini's iPhotoToTypepad plugin for iPhoto, but it only worked with TypePad. All the others didn't allow me to select a category, or how I wanted the data uploaded i.e.: what goes in what fields... important for template hacking... (I don't want my links to images to stored int eh database, only the filenames. I want to "hard code" the <img> tags myself in the templates.

Photon does just that. Simple simple simple too. I pick my category (or create one!), one per "gallery", e.g.: Trip to Tokyo, and I set Filename > keywords, "Comments" > Entry Body, etc...

For $10.00USD, definitely worth it.

Bye bye Gallery with yer ridiculous ways. (Complex installation, customization, crappy comments, etc...)


Boris- can you point us to an example of a Photon gallery? I'd love to move away from Gallery but I'd like to see what it's like.

It might have been worth the effort for the author to tell his users to look for Photon in the export field. I least I now have it figured out.

I think gallery G2 will support custom categories and template fields.

I'm only using gallery because it's fast when serving up huge files.

My wife loves to tell a story she heard from her father while he was still living. He wanted to hire someone to worry for him - and the first thing they should worry about was how they would get paid!

Can I hire you to make my blog pay for you through advertising revenue? :-)