December 17, 2004 18:38 | WebTech

Firefox share grows 35% in a month...

Firefox's Share of Browser Market Grows 34 Percent in One Month, According to WebSideStory:

The U.S. browser usage share of Firefox, the upstart Mozilla-based browser that has become a champion of the open source movement, has grown by more than a third over the past month, according to the latest independent study from WebSideStory (Nasdaq: WSSI) (, a leading provider of on-demand Web analytics. In the one-month period from Nov. 5, 2004 to Dec. 3, 2004, Firefox's online usage share grew from 3.03 percent to 4.06 percent. This compares to a gain of 13 percent during the previous month, from Oct. 8 to Nov. 5. WebSideStory is a recognized authority on global Internet user trends and has been since 1999. The company's sample size consists of more than 30 million daily Internet users from more than 200 countries.

Great! I just wish I could get it to run on my machine... :p

Anyways, efforts like their 2 page New York Times ad can only help. Congrats all around and a tip of the hat to Jon Hicks for his awesome logo, which is getting hella exposure.


Still can't run Firefox? Even after the re-install of the OS? Interesting...