April 8, 2005 20:48 | Cyborg / Social / URLs / WebTech

Google Maps application contextualizes real estate

This is stunning. By combining Google Maps and craigslist housing listings you get a very quick visual contextualization of the economic distribution of population for a city; which the affluent neighborhoods, which are less so.

Not that that is necessarily a barometer by which to find an apartment or a home, mind you.

What I find most compelling is ... well, let's say for argument's sake I had to relocate to San Francisco. With the rental listings visually laid out before me, I immediately have an image and an idea of where each place is. If you already know the city, then it spares you the effort of locating the place in your mental map, which is a very subjective map to begin with; but if you hardly know the city, bam, there it is. Enhancements would include "show me where these 5 contacts of mine live in relation to this listing" ... show me the bus stops, grocery stores, caf├ęs with decent coffee and WiFi... ;)

And where to get a baguette...

1- steve bissonnette

Saw this also and was blown away -- although the los angelses listing brought up enough data to stall my browser for minutes !!!

point for google. ;-)