September 16, 2005 23:03 | WebTech

Quiennes mas macho?

"Advancing the Effectiveness & Sustainability of Open Education"
($250.00 USD)


"Web 2.0"
($2,795.00 USD)

Gee. I wonder which would be far far far more interesting, stimulating and worthwhile...
$600cnd flight to Salt Lake City... hrmmm...


advancing est mas macho. correcto?

hehehe. Si.
Actually, yeah, funny... Not sure why I chose that title as it is quite ambiguous, and reference to an old Saturday Noght Live skit with Bill Murray where he asks: "Quiennes mas macho? Señor Llama, o Señor Montalban?"

So, yeah, Web2.0 is definitly more about machismo and egos, etc, and Advancing is the more worthy of attendance (by those not interested in hearing alot of hot air - been there done that).


ha! I know that from a Laurie Anderson song called "smoke rings," which starts:

"La primera pregunta es: Que es mas macho, pineapple o knife? Well, let's see. My guess is that a pineapple is more macho than a knife. Si! Correcto! Pineapple es mas macho que knife. La segunda pregunta es: Que es mas macho, lightbulb o schoolbus? Uh, lightbulb? No! Lo siento, Schoolbus es mas macho que lightbulb. Gracias."

but i hadn't remembered bill murry's skit till you mentioned it.