October 3, 2005 15:57 | WebTech

The best thing about "Web 2.0"

The absolute best part is this: when Bubble 2.0 comes around and sweeps by, the whole affair will have been so thoroughly documented, annotated, tagged, conversed about, permalinked and RSS'ed... that the future Web 3.0 Blowhards will really need to actually *know* their history[1].

Good lord, I just saw this... This is getting absurd. "My" "Web2.0" "Beta". Must be a joke...

[1] From RFC 2616 (Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1):

9.5 POST
POST is designed to allow a uniform method to cover the following functions:
- Annotation of existing resources;
- Posting a message to a bulletin board, newsgroup, mailing list,
or similar group of articles (or a comment to a weblog);
- Providing a block of data, such as the result of submitting a
form, to a data-handling process;
- Extending a database through an append operation.

9.6 PUT
The PUT method requests that the enclosed entity be stored under the
supplied Request-URI. If the Request-URI refers to an already
existing resource, the enclosed entity SHOULD be considered as a
modified version of the one residing on the origin server.


Oooh! It's "2.0" so It must be good.
People had better shovel money at it...