October 7, 2005 01:32 | WebTech

A slight detour

RSS et al are merely a temporary detour, a quick outgrowth which we needed to bring us back to the Web.

Consider this: syndicated items do not have URIs for their "locations" in the feed. They always point back to the web/html version. Put philosophically, they don't exist.

I do hope XHTML 2.0 (hah! somehow ironic in current context) is resolved and pushed out and implemented properly.

(When CSS2 was released in 1998 - yes 1998 - everyone screamed and howled about how complex and unmanageable it was... Now web-designers couldn't live without it and are clamoring for CSS3 support...)

Remember: only YOU can prevent forest fires.


> RSS et al are merely a temporary detour

You're just pissed now that MS is on board... :)

MS is on board?
I'm not pissed, at all. I have no emotional interest in any of this.

I am but a small boy sitting by the river watching it all go by. Sping summer fall and winter. And spring again...