December 15, 2005 13:11 | WebTech

It slices, it dices...

This is getting kinda absurd...

Quitomzilla helps you quit smoking while you surf the web or wait for new emails, showing the cigarettes, money and time you have saved since you quitted.

Yes, a webbrowser extension, which aids you in quitting smoking... somehow... not sure how... oh right by constantly reminding you about cigarettes. I see. Brilliant.
(It also works out your subconscious greed muscle: "I saved sooo much money!")


I remember watching the 60 minutes episode that the Insider was based on, about the whistle-blower scientist from philip morris who exposed all the studies the cig cos had covered up about how cigs make you die, with pics of big bulbous toumours, and all sorts of stuff, and all i could think watching it was: man, I want a cigarette.

haha, hugh, kind of like me and the movie supersize me that came out a couple years ago...aimed at precisely making sure people stop eating fast food by showing a maniacal guy who eats mcdonalds for something like 30 days straight! anyhow, point being, as soon as the movie was over, three of us went for a french fries run. ;b