December 27, 2005 21:27 | MacStuff

I have no mouse, and I must scream

(with apologies to Harlan Ellison)
My mouse died this week and it is causing me no end of distress. I am back to using the Apple "Pro" mouse, that pretty but useless transparent single-button-no-scroll-wheel piece of garbage.

I tried using my old Kensington TurboBall trackball thingy but that just made my nerves twitch. I need a simple 2 button and scroll wheel. Anyone have favorites?

If it looks like a basketball shoe, I'm not interested. ;)


The Microsoft Intellimouse Optical USB is the one and only mouse I can use. The only mouse out there iam comfortable with. Works like a charm on OSX.

You already know that I'm a trackball guy, but I really like the Starck Microsoft Optical Mouse. Two hemispheric buttons a-la-Mighty Mouse, super comfortable, and stops looking like female genitalia if you stare at it for long enough - which, yeah, get the blue one, not the orange one... ;)

Fifteen bucks at Future Chop.

Hrm. Tried the Mighty Mouse and the clicking mechanism didn't sit well with me. I suspect the MS StarkTM is similar (not to mention fugly).

I always liked my Macally mice, but they just don't seem to last so long.

Of course, you already know I am a direct-to-nervous-system kinda guy... maybe I should get in touch with Warwick and figure out a custom system... I mean heck if he can plug-in and control a robotic hand with his mind, controlling a mouse cursor should be child's play no? ;)

(Just think about that for a second...)

go with the logitech usb wireless mouse. it kicks ass. nice, sleek design. long aaa battery life. so nice and portable for using with your laptop as well.

My favourite mouse is the cheapest one I could find that doesn't look like total junk: the Logitech Click! optical mouse.

I like how the exclamation point is part of the name. Like Yahoo! or something.