November 17, 2006 02:32 | WebBlogging / WebTech


Hello, what's this?

"We automatically detect new buzz by crawling 50,000 of the very best web sites, blogs, and news sources. Then our technology crunches the raw data from these sites to identify new buzz that’s just starting to spread. We developed the technology to find new things just when they start accelerating in popularity and provoking interesting conversations. Our technology is also supplemented by a network of human taste-makers and tips submitted by BuzzFeed readers. These savvy humans can spot subtle trends our robots might miss."

Aggregator + some statistical analysis + human editors.

Very interesting.


The Buzzfeed Team

The Team

* Jonah Peretti
* John S. Johnson
* Kenneth Lerer

Science Advisor

* Duncan Watts

Design Advisor

* Jason Kottke

Technology Advisor

* Michael Frumin

Lead Developer

* Mark Wilkie

Lead Designer

* Chris Johanesen

Senior Editor

* Peggy Wang

stupid name tho ;)

How is this different from what Techmeme and Tailrank do?

Techmeme is 100% focused on tech chatter, while Tailrank seems to publish mostly news-of-the-weird and rumors type stuff. Also, Buzzfeed's design eschews the link-flood appearance of the other two.

Karl: yes I saw the list. Why do you post it here? Kottke? meh. I am more interested by the science and tech advisors. ;)

Hugh: at least it isn't "Buzz n Hum" ... ;)

Bosko: What Mike said. Plus, nothing wrong with design iterations, right? Especially across designers... :)

stupid name tho ;)