March 23, 2007 05:04 | MacStuff

iCal insecure

iCal insecurity

The above was presented to me as I tried entering the URL of an iCal calendar syndicated from a secure webserver, i.e. https://

It seems to me that calendars (hello? personal?) are one thing that is a no-brainer shoe-in on the list of data one might want to protect via web encryption. Without getting into access control etc etc.

When are they going to rewrite this piece of garbage? And give it a sane API with actual documentation? Fingers crossed for... er? the next cat.


Since I'm working on an InputManager for iCal (iCalFix), I can tell you that the API in there is, uh, interesting. Short of a rewrite, I doubt Apple is going to publicize anything.

But hey, you've given me another feature - so I certainly am thankful for the current iCal ;)