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Homer »»
Brought to life, as imitated by art.

Night shadows of the past »»
Reflective paint street "art". Inspiration for Roadsworth for next summer if he's still game, and not in jail?

The inevitable, uncontournable »»
Besides growing demand in all sectors, food included, "If the Chinese use oil at the same rate as Americans now do, by 2031 China would need 99 million barrels of oil a day. The world currently produces 79 million barrels per day and may never produce much more than that."

Another dimension »»
Second life, er, live-ers?... are moblogging from within the... um... game?

The Thought Project »»
Really nice photo project. The photographer stopped people on the street, took their close-up portrait and asked them to tell him what they were thinking of just as he stopped them...

Longitude/Latitude based news aggregation »»
Grabs news items from local sources, worldwide.

Yamanote line pics and jingles »»
*deep sigh*

How to cut »»
French kitchen cutting techniques. (thx Jim)

MyLifeBits »»
Heard about this before of course but Karl just sent me the URL at MS. I would love to know how this has affected the minds of the researchers.

Flickr color picker »»
Nice. Jim suggests real-time photomosaics next.

Japan Association for Working Holiday Makers »»

Phuket tidal wave »»
Gallery of photos of incoming tidal wave, taken from a hotel balcony. Hope the guy in the water managed to grab onto something. :\

Processing > Reas »»
Reas, the co-developper of Processing (Ben Fry is the other) produces beautiful stuff!!

Child consumer culture remix art »»
Ai Kijima. Fused, machine quilted. Recycled materials including curtain, pillow case, bed sheets, clothes, apron, handkerchief, tablecloth.

Collaborative sketchbook »»
Kinda neat. I wish I had better a better interface to it than a mouse or tablet.

Winter Music Sampler 2004 »»
Some more good trax.

The New York Review of Books: Passage to China »»
"The development of printing, had a powerful effect on the development of democracy, but even in the short run, it opened new possibilities for public communication and had enormous consequences for social and political life in China. Among other things, education achieved a new level of importance with the rise of learning, marked by the great spread of printing, literacy, and schooling."

A bit of history »»
One of many precedents.

Move to Canada? »»
Not so fast. Sorry...

Whatchoo' talkin'bout? »»
Maciej has put up a web-service "language guesser". Cool.

She does awesome stuff »»
Fernanda Viegas

The E-Commerce Petri Dish »»
"reputation management may trump brand management" "reputation can impact prices consumers are willing to pay online" Bingo.

The making of the terror myth »»,12780,1327904,00.html
The Guardian weighs in about all this terror alert bullshit. What do you call it when so-called leaders use fear-mongering to influence the populace. And I thought a democracy is where the people are supposed to influence their selected leaders...

MattJones++ »»
The actual past is brittle, ever-dimming + ever more problematic to access + reconstruct: in contrast the virtual past is malleable, ever-brightening + ever more difficult to circumvent/expose as fraudulent.

PM Martin Scolds UN »»
Canada's Prime Minister Paul Martin scolds UN for failure to act on Sudan and crimes against humanity, uses "unusually strong and blunt language"...

A million monkeys at a million keyboards for only three years... »»
See what they can accomplish? ;)

Hunter S. Thomson quotes »»
Some real gems in here.

Shame on you Zell »»
The text of a letter former President Carter sent to Zell Miller.

Prescient Onion »» &hl=en
A spoof written in January 2001 turns eerily real... "Bush: Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity is Finally Over."

Shidtigal »»
Good friend Ken muses on digital photography.

Force feedback in Marketing »»
Still evil, but right on the money. *Cough*

I want more »»
Dance music video for Faithless' "I want more" totally made up of footage from a documentary on North Korea. Quite amazing.

3D Display Cube v3 »»
Super cool 3D LED cube (and other stuff)!

Mirror Shibuya »»
Nice shot.

Holograms! »»
Not super duper hitech, from what I can tell, but close enough to Star Wars style holograms!

Mathew Good blog »»
Never got into his music, but it's a damn fine blog.

Metal Rubber »»,12543,676853,00.html
"NanoSonic is busy meeting the demand for its 12-inch-by-12-inch samples, which take custom-built robots up to three days to create. That's speedy, if you consider that Metal Rubber, a product of nanotechnology, must be fabricated molecule by molecule."

Let the games begin »»
Article about sex in the Olympic Villages

PhotoChopped "art" »»
If famous painters had done portraits of current Hollywood celebrities. Hate the celebrities part, but appreciate some of the very well done work of some of these.

ACNE genome popped »»
I never thought one of the early results of sequencing the human genome would result in the furthering of anti-acne treatments. Amen.

Lather, rinse, repeat »»
Cheney waxes metaphysical... dumbed down for the masses of course and repeated enough times to sink it in: "You see! Eisenhower MEANT me to be here!"

Objective rhetoric »»
David, as so often, puts it best. Words are not truth.

Burnquist Organics »»
Pro Skater Bob Burnquist started his own organic food company, and reportedly refuses all junk food endorsements. The marketing is very "skatestyle"; in-your-face, lifestyle based. Very cool.

Liberty Hooded »»
Anti-Rumsfelf MoveOn TV Commercial.

blik wall graphics »»

Gallery of Computation »»

Acid trip »»

Disinfopedia »»

zip code visualizer »»

Music Videos »»

Franklin on Constitution »»

The French Revolution »»

Scientific American: Television Addiction Is No Mere Metaphor »»

NYT - Decoding the New Cues in Online Society »»

Leonardo DiCaprio - Global Warming »»

Proskenion - Website of Edward Castronova, PhD »»


Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms »»

LED watches , Directly from Tokyo Japan »»

The Food Section »»

Digital Democracy »»

3's Weblog »»

Bob Frankston »»

Archaeologists & the web »»

Employment Insurance »»

addyourown: Manhattan restaurants and reviews (Wiki) »»
The goal of the site is to provide a fast, easy, free way for people to find New York restaurants. The unique feature of Addyourown is that all the restaurant listings and reviews are user-generated. You can add to, or edit, almost anything on the site.

EARLASH: music reviews »»

Optical illusions »»
the research of Akiyoshi Kitaoka

Camera in glasses »»
I want!

BloggingWorks »»
Learn how your business can harness the power of weblogs to improve communication and efficiency at this hands-on workshop.

About Norbert Wiener »»
Norbert Wiener, 1894-1964. Mathematician, born in Columbus, Mo. Professor at MIT, 1919-60. Books include Cybernetics (1948), The Human Use of Human Beings (1950), Ex-Prodigy (1953), I Am a Mathematician (1956), and God & Golem, Inc. (1964).

Semaview Inc. »»
Semaview is developing a suite of personal information management products using the power of The Semantic Web. RDF - XML