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'Living' robots powered by muscle »»
Tiny robots powered by living muscle have been created by scientists But when biological cells become attached to silicon - are they alive? "They're absolutely alive," Professor Montemagno told BBC News. "I mean the cells actually grow, multiply and assemble - they form the structure themselves. So the device is alive." The notion is likely to disturb many who already have concerns about nanotechnology.

Wicked lasers »»
Played with a 5mW green laser last April in Tokyo and it was loads of fun. Now you can get 40-60mW ones, which can burn though plastic film and be seen up to miles away and produce a solid "light saber". Droool.

Globe and Mail: ISF 'collective' helps Montreal go wireless »»
Congrats to Mike and the ISf team!

Talking Lights »»
Wireless Networking via lighting? Can this be?

Paste as plain text »»
This has been bugging me from day one in OS X. Thanks Francis!

Ipod Road Trip »»
Nice. If I had a new iPod, I'd get this.

Selectutorial: Fluid 3 column »»

The Opte Project - Map of the Internet »»

Plasmatron / Microplasmatron Fuel Converter »»

Layout-o-matic »»

Zoe »»

AppleScript Studio Tutorial »»