July 2004 Archives

Where The Fuck Is Diane With My Fair-Trade Coffee? »»


ACNE genome popped »»

I never thought one of the early results of sequencing the human genome would result in the furthering of anti-acne treatments. Amen.

Lather, rinse, repeat »»

Cheney waxes metaphysical... dumbed down for the masses of course and repeated enough times to sink it in: "You see! Eisenhower MEANT me to be here!"

McDonalds Advertising gone bad »»

"Some clowns have no sense of humor"

Objective rhetoric »»

David, as so often, puts it best. Words are not truth.

Babe On Board »»

"An air sickness bag with the letters "B O B" scrawled on it had been found in a toilet on board."

Bathing Ape Condoms »»

Bapecaps - for the busy hipster... or hipster getting busy... or... yeah.

Burnquist Organics »»

Pro Skater Bob Burnquist started his own organic food company, and reportedly refuses all junk food endorsements. The marketing is very "skatestyle"; in-your-face, lifestyle based. Very cool.

Glass House »»

���I pointed out to him (Mies) that it (a glass house) was impossible because you had to have rooms, and that meant solid walls up against the glass, which ruined the whole point. Mies said, ���I think it can be done.'��� As a child I used to dream of living in such houses.

Liberty Hooded »»

Anti-Rumsfelf MoveOn TV Commercial.