August 2004 Archives

Force feedback in Marketing »»
Still evil, but right on the money. *Cough*

I want more »»
Dance music video for Faithless' "I want more" totally made up of footage from a documentary on North Korea. Quite amazing.

Osaka Gas Recipes? »»
Osaka Gas' website offers you "Company Info", "Shareholder Info", "Investor Info"... and Cooking Recipes??

Creepers! »»
Super-poseable 18" Spider-Man figurine.

3D Display Cube v3 »»
Super cool 3D LED cube (and other stuff)!

Mirror Shibuya »»
Nice shot.

Swearing in chinese »»
Note to self: never say "hey sexy!" to a cantonese speaker again. :)

Holograms! »»
Not super duper hitech, from what I can tell, but close enough to Star Wars style holograms!

The Shining in 30 seconds with bunnies »»
That's pretty much how I remember it too!

Mathew Good blog »»
Never got into his music, but it's a damn fine blog.

Ipod Road Trip »»
Nice. If I had a new iPod, I'd get this.

Metal Rubber »»,12543,676853,00.html
"NanoSonic is busy meeting the demand for its 12-inch-by-12-inch samples, which take custom-built robots up to three days to create. That's speedy, if you consider that Metal Rubber, a product of nanotechnology, must be fabricated molecule by molecule."

Watching the world »»
Mac OS X app puts the world on your desktop... in real time, data tracking beauty.

Design for chunks »»
Sickbag design contest

Bob by Al Yankovic »»
A tribute to Bob dylan from Weird Al Yankovic, each line is a palindrome.

Let the games begin »»
Article about sex in the Olympic Villages

First wardriving conviction »»
Well, the guy who did the original war-drive didn't do anything wrong per se. The guys he pointed the network out to though...

Qu�b�cois Web Karaoke »»
Terrible terrible MIDI versions of Quebecois standards, and with karaoke style lyrics. Shudder.

Lyrics site »»
No obnoxious pop-ups and flashing banners. Amen.

Mylo - Destroy Rock & Roll »»
Really good new electro. Being compared to "Air".

Creep »»
Flash animation "video" to Radiohead's "Creep". Awesome.

Hanging »»
"things you can do with your laundry but probably should not"

Shortest Race »»
Spoof Nike commercial by Stay Honnest

PhotoChopped "art" »»
If famous painters had done portraits of current Hollywood celebrities. Hate the celebrities part, but appreciate some of the very well done work of some of these.